About IAPA

IAPA is an emerging nomadic global art event that is staged every two years in different cities around the globe, enabling exchange of experiences and practices in all aspects of public art. It was co-founded in 2011 by two magazines, Public Art (China) and Public Art Review (USA), and is now managed by the Institute for Public Art, a non-profit organisation in Hong Kong founded by the internationally renowned curator Professor Lewis Biggs and other partners.

Funded by the Institute of Creativity of Hong Kong Baptist University, the 2017 IAPA is co-organised by Academy of Visual Arts and Institute for Public Art. The theme of 2017 IAPA conference is "Art, Place-Making and Resilient Cities", which focuses on how art generates a sense of place and stimulates debate about quality of living through art in the public sphere. 

Through better knowledge and understanding, and intelligent coordinated action, processes of change in the built environment can be more effectively managed to improve the quality of place society-wide — the whole being greater than the sum of the parts; The notion of ‘place’ means very different things to different people — concern for place-making should focus on the ‘public’ environment and its communities in all its diversity and richness. Similarly, the notion of ‘art’ varies hugely from culture to culture; 
Quality in design, art development and long-term urban planning and management can enhance quality of life, support the economic viability of development and economic development generally; deliver a range of sustainability benefits.






The 2-day conference features 4 keynote speeches given by international renowned scholar, curators, artists and practitioners on the topics of Metaphor, Art, Place-making and Resilient Cities. Each speech is followed by a panel discussion accommodated by professionals of the public art field from around the globe.  

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