Organizing Committee


Academy of Visual Arts

The Academy of Visual Arts (AVA) is the first university academy of its kind in Hong Kong, providing visual arts degree programmes linked to international exchange, current arts development and the fast-growing creative industries. AVA offers excellent teaching and is committed to nurturing creative and professional talent of international renown.

  • Prof. John Aiken, Director
  • Alex Tam, Centre Executive
  • Kevin Law, Project Officer
  • Axel Chow, Designer

Institute for Public Art

Public Art has the ability to affect people and place, increasingly attracting the attention of arts communities, academia and governments across the world.

The notion of art, and the concept of public, vary widely from one region or country to another, making public art difficult to define. This presents a set of challenges for researchers and professionals in the field. Institute of Public Art (IPA) was established in response to an urgent need to increase the visibility and dialogue of public art practices internationally. 

IPA is an international network of researchers and professionals, whose aims are to research, celebrate and advocate excellence in public art. This is achieved through The International Award for Public Art (IAPA) and through international academic exchange.

  • Prof. Lewis Biggs, Chairman

Oi!, Leisure and Cultural Services Department

Oi! is a new platform for exchanging ideas that aims to nurture young artists, promote community art and develop as an innovative and engaging venue for encouraging collaboration and co-creation in art. With the hope that boundless imagination and new experimental ideas can be triggered and that creativity can be sparked through different types of collaboration, we set out to connect art with people and the community. 

  • Ivy Lin, Curator
  • Jennifer Chu, Assistant Curator